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How to Use Photos to Assist Your Memory

How to Use Photos as a Travel Journal

by | Feb 16, 2016 | 0 comments

Just take a photograph or short video of each place to solve that problem.  Assuming we avoid the trap of an itchy shutter finger, there is another benefit to taking lots of photos. You can use your camera as a visual record of all those spots.  Not every photo has to be a masterpiece.

This technique can save a lot of arguments with your significant other a few months after the trip when specific memories begin to fade.  As a bonus, my photographic record keeps my partner from thinking I’m getting forgetful.  It provides a welcome recollection of details that might otherwise be forgotten or overlooked.


Use Photos to Jog Your Memory

Have you ever returned from a trip and then agonized over the name of that great little restaurant in downtown San Miguel de Allende, or that little hole-in-the-wall art studio on Grafton Street in Dublin…you know…the one next to the bookstore whose name I can’t recall just down the street from the live music pub named Murphy’s, or was it Pat’s…?

WHAT?! That’s Photographic Blasphemy!!!! 

Not really. Just snap a photo of the signs for places you ate, stayed, and visited.  They will be in sequence according to your itinerary and provide a permanent record of all those maddening details.


Keep your camera handy and photo-journal your travel experiences.  You’ll be glad you did!